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known as “Tone” a professional barber/ hair stylist from kissimmee, FL right outside of Orlando, FL. Going from an ordinary side hustle to a fully branded and recognizable business, Tone has built his brand “Tcquality” to where it is today. Not too long ago Tone was just a sophomore in high-school cutting hair from his bedroom, he credits his incredible acceleration in growth to his dedication and the attention to detail he puts into the craft. Read More...


Like in any business, in the beginning Tone had to acquire customers. With no experience or “work to show” only people who believed in his passion were willing to take a chance on him. His neighbor and long time lost close friend was one of those people who did and has been a very important influence to his growth as a barber. His path to becoming one of the Top barbers in the industry has only begun as he plans to take over Tampa bay and other cities like it around the U.S



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